Application and Challenge Submission Instructions


The following information is provided to help explain the information requested for each field in the StorCloud Applications and Challenge Submission form at If you have additional questions regarding StorCloud Application and Challenge submissions, please contact the StorCloud team at


Title of the application that your organization plans to demonstrate using the StorCloud facilities

Team Lead / Principal Investigator Contact Information

Please provide the contact information for a primary point of contact. The StorCloud team will direct all communications regarding this application to this person.

Alternate Team Lead / Principal Investigator Contact Information

You may specify an alternate point of contact with whom the StorCloud team should also communicate.

Team Members

The information provided in these fields will be used to determine which people and organizations receive recognition for participating in the StorCloud initiative through this application. Recognition may include acknowledgements of participation on the SC|05 StorCloud web pages or the SC|05 printed program.

SC Booth Information

Please provide the booth name and number where the application will run or where the results of the application will be displayed.

Website for additional information about the application

If there is a website that provides more information about this application, you may enter that link here. This link may be posted on SC|05 StorCloud web pages along with your application description.


Please include a brief description (maximum 150 words) of how your application uses real world science and how it would use StorCloud. If your application is accepted, this abstract will be used in web and printed publicity. Indicate paragraph breaks with a double line break; all other text formatting will be lost.

This will be a Challenge Application

StorCloud is part of the SC|05 challenge arena and provides a forum for showing off data intensive applications. A competition will be held, during the conference, of applications that demonstrate high performance data access to the StorCloud infrastructure. The categories for the StorCloud Challenge competition can be found at If you would like your application to compete in the StorCloud Challenge, then select 'YES.' If you do not want to compete in the StorCloud Challenge, but would still like to run your application on the StorCloud facilities as a regular user application, then select 'NO.' If you are not sure, whether or not you would like to participate in the StorCloud Challenge, you have until 23 May 2005 to state your intent.

Application Storage and Access Requirements

Fiber Channel (FC)

StorCloud will provide direct access to storage over 2 or 4 Gigabit Fibre Channel for a fee. Select YES if you plan on having systems in your booth that will use Fibre Channel to connect to the StorCloud storage

FC Storage Bandwidth (Gb/sec)

Please specify the required bandwidth that you require for your application between StorCloud and your booth.

Number/Speed of FC Connections

Please indicate the preferred number of FC Connections and the speed (2Gb or 4Gb) of the connections.

FC switch

If you plan to use a Fibre Channel switch in your booth to connect to the StorCloud infrastructure, please indicate the Vendor and Model number of the switch. We currently plan to use Fibre Channel Routers to connect booth switches to StorCloud.

IP through SCinet

StorCloud plans to provide access to storage over IP, this will include services such as iSCSI, GPFS NSD, NFS, etc. All IP traffic into StorCloud will occur over SCinet network connections. Please indicate YES if you plan to use IP based access to StorCloud over SCinet.

IP Storage Bandwidth for StorCloud Application Only (Gb/sec)

A booth may be utilizing the SCinet network for applications other than the StorCloud application. Please indicate the Bandwidth requirement for the StorCloud application over IP.

Number/Speed of IP Connections

SCinet will provide 1 and 10 Gigabit Ethernet network connections to booths. Please indicate the speed and number of SCinet network connections that you plan to use for the StorCloud application.

Network Connect Protocol for Ethernet

Please indicate what protocol the StorCloud application will use to access the storage in StorCloud. IP indicates an IP based protocol and iSCSI indicates use of an iSCSI protocol. If you plan to use a different protocol than these, please indicate which protocol you intend to use.

Storage Bandwidth for Other Connection (Gb/sec)

Please indicate the Bandwidth requirement for the StorCloud application over the "other" protocol.

Number/Speed of Other Connections

Please indicate the speed and number of SCinet network connections that you plan to use with the "other" protocol for the StorCloud application.

File System Preference

StorCloud will host large NFS, GPFS, and Lustre file systems within StorCloud that will be accessible via Fibre Channel or IP connections.

  • NFS - Network File System
  • GPFS - General Parallel Filesystem, both SAN and NSD modes
  • Lustre - Lustre distributed filesystem
  • Raw FC - Raw disk that booth can use directly or install local file system

Required Capacity in TeraBytes (TB)

Please indicate the capacity you will need for the StorCloud application.

Vendor Preference

Please indicate your preference in vendor for either Fibre Channel storage or Fibre Channel switch.

Database Preference

StorCloud will host Database services on StorCloud storage resources. Please indicate if your StorCloud application requires use of a Database service from StorCloud.

Typical file size

Please indicate the typical size of your StorCloud application data files.

Number of directories

Please indicate the estimated number of directories that your StorCloud application requires.

Number of files

Please indicate the number of StorCloud application data files.

Application I/O Profile Over Runtime

Please indicate how the StorCloud application will perform I/O to the StorCloud storage, such as random or sequential I/O for both reads and writes and the size of the read and write I/Os in kilobytes. This will help us tune the storage environment to get the best possible performance.

Prestaging Requirements


Please indicate if you plan to upload your data to StorCloud from an external location and how much data you intend to load in terabytes.


StorCloud will provide a network attached tape system for prestaging StorCloud application data before the SuperComputing 2005 conference. This tape system will then be moved to SuperComputing conference and the data can then be transferred onto StorCloud hosted file systems before the conference begins. This will allow applications to prestage multiple terabytes worth of data before the show begins. Please indicate the amount of data in terabytes that you plan to prestage in this manner.


Please indicate if you need to preload the StorCloud application data onto the StorCloud disk storage. There will not be the ability to preload the data on the StorCloud hosted file systems since they will be configured during the staging period immediately before the conference. An application may be able to prestage the StorCloud storage at their site, configure the storage, load the application data, and ship the storage to the conference. Please indicate the amount of data in terabytes that you plan to prestage in this manner.


StorCloud will provide a DVD system for prestaging data that is loaded in DVD. Please indicate the amount of data in terabytes that you plan to prestage in this manner.

Dataset loading timeframe

Please indicate the timeframe that you plan to prestage the application data. Some options may not be available during all of the timeframes due to network connection operation and other factors.

Dedicated devices/networks required?

Please indicate the devices that are required to prestage the StorCloud application data.